DAS Global Services is available to answer any question you may have. Some of our most frequently asked questions related to international relocation are answered below.

Q - What documentation is needed in order to ship my vehicle?
A - Your vehicles original title and or a letter of release from the lien holder (I.E. Bank, Finance company) will be requested along with an export power of attorney (EPA), which will need to be notarized and photocopy of your drivers license. DAS Global Services will provide you with the Export power of Attorney at the time of booking.

Q - Why is my title needed and how will I get it back?
A - United States Customs, a department of the United States Treasury, passed a regulation on May 7, 1999 stating that all vehicles being exported from the US must show their original titles prior to release from the US.  Your title will be returned to DAS Global and sent back to you via certified courier service which is included in every booking. When placing your order for service, please make sure that your sales representative has accurate delivery information for your title return.

Q - Can I pack my vehicle with personal goods and possessions?
A - No. If you are shipping a vehicle overseas the vehicle must be received with no personal goods or effects in the compartment or trunk of the vehicle. Stock equipment such as tire jacks, spare tires and etc… will be accepted to sail with the vehicle.

Q - Are there additional charges when I receive my vehicle overseas?
A - Unloading charges and documentation fees are charged by the destination country and will be collected prior to the release of your vehicle. Each country’s charges are different and we request that you check with your global sales professional for the applicable fees for your shipment. Your global sales representative will outline your service type and advise you of the applicable destination fees.

Q - Will anybody assist me in my destination country when the vehicle arrives?
A - Yes. DAS Global Services has a network of global agents ready to assist you with clearance. Customers may also clear their own freight, your DAS Global representative will give you the destination country contact at the pier to get you started.

Q - Can anybody pick my vehicle up if I’m unavailable?
A - No. For documentation purposes and security reasons, you will be asked at booking who the consignee is. This information is put onto all shipping documents and only the individual or agent named is authorized to receive the vehicle from the seaport. If you know that you are going to be unavailable please contact your global sales representative to make the change and update your records. In addition, the ship line may charge additional documentation fees that will passed onto you. Please check with your representative to see if you’re booking will be affected.

Q - Is my vehicle insured?
A - In order to insure your vehicle marine insurance must be purchased. Marine insurance is designed to cover goods and vehicles as well as other commodities while they sail on the ocean. Please check with your normal insurance carrier to see if the vehicle will be covered while it sails to avoid unnecessary charges prior to making you booking.

Q - Do you provide marine insurance and how much does it cost?
A - DAS Global Services provides a comprehensive marine policy that will cover the vehicle bumper to bumper. The radio equipment and the interior compartment are covered under this policy as well. Please see our Insurance page which contains price estimates and terms and conditions for your review. In addition you can contact your DAS Global Sales professional for further details.

Q - How soon should I book my move?
A - Because of the nature of your shipment and requirements to clear United States and foreign customs we request that you provide DAS Global Services at least 72 hours advanced notice. We can go with a little as 24 hours notice but we believe that an advance booking gives our clients and our company the time to be thorough and go over details that will need to be addressed.

Q - How long will my shipment take?
A - Depending on your destination an estimated time of arrival (ETA) will be given to you at the time of booking. Please note that international shipments are subject to change and time frames are not guaranteed. DAS Global Services places a high priority on accurate and on time delivery. When placing your order please ensure that you understand the transit and clearance time frames that will determine your over all ETA.

Q - How do I pay for my move?
A - Payment can be made over the phone with a Visa, Master Card, American Express, money order or direct deposit. Please note that your vehicle can not sail until the payment has been made. If paying by a personal check the vehicle will be placed on hold until the funds have cleared.

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